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// Story of a Fan Girl...


9 November
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♥ i think you are crazy, cool, good friend, loving, caring, sweet

♥ i think jenny is a supper awesome friend who is way mature.

♥ I think that you are an incredibly sweet and mature person, and you are a great friend as well.

♥ i think you're nice, sweet, and cool. you always leave a comment (until as of late *growls*), and you like OTH!!! woohoo!!! :)

♥ You're such a nice, and fun person! You have a bubbly attitude and are great to be around!

♥ I think that you are an incredibly sweet and mature person, and you are a great friend as well.

♥ lovely

♥ You're a very sweet person, and like a lot of things I like. I'm happy I know you as a friend

♥ good friend!

♥ I think that you're a really great friend and I'm glad I've known you for so long =)

♥ I love you Jenny. You're such a talented person and your graphics are sooooooo good and we have SO MUCH in common! I'm so glad that we're friends =)

♥ Jenny is such a nice, sweet girl. She is the greatest lj friend anyone can ever have, and if you don't agree with me, I'm gonna find who you are and kick your ass.
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